Posted by: Audrey Thorstad | November 9, 2010

Oh the places you’ll go!

“Oh the places you’ll go! You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who fly to high heights!” -Dr. Suess

The past week and a half has been full of travel and sights to see all around England, it has simply been amazing. Last weekend was magical in London, the sights, sounds, people and atmosphere is incomparable to any other place I have ever been. The train from Leeds to London is a straight shot (about a 2 hour ride) and drops us off in King’s Cross Station which just so happens to be from Harry Potter. Although it is sad to say they are completely rebuilding the whole station so the scenes in the Harry Potter movies cannot be recognized anymore. I went with two girls who live down the hill from me and the main reason we went to London that weekend was to pick up Amy’s husband from the airport. So we took the long journey from King’s Cross Station to Heathrow Airport on the Underground system which is very easy to get across London. That night we went to the show Chicago in one of London’s famous theatres, it was amazing. For those who don’t know London is world famous for the plays and musicals that are always playing in many of their theatres around the downtown area. The next day was more than 12 hours packed full of the usual London sightseeing. We bought tickets for a hop on-hop off bus which was very convenient. We went to West Minster Abbey, Big Ben/Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the London Dungeons, ate a traditional English pub and then went and saw all those sights lit up after dark. It was the most tiring day I have had in a long time, but the pictures I got were simply gorgeous. Sunday was a little less packed since we had to catch our train at 5pm, but we saw the changing of the guards, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square along with a military parade they had there, Hyde Park and little shops which were around that area. London is by far my favorite place in England so far, but it is very expensive and I do not think I could ever live there seeing as it is SO “touristy”. But it is an amazing place to spend a weekend!


This past Wednesday I travelled east to the North Sea and a cute little town called Scarborough. There is a castle on a cliff looking over the Sea, sadly (we were not aware of this until we got there) but the castle grounds are not open on Wednesdays during their winter hours…go figure. Thankfully there was a nice path that went all the way around the castle which was pretty much in ruins, so we did end up getting a decent view of the castle as well as of the city and Sea. Apparently there is a song called “Scarborough Fair” by Simon and Garfunkel and yes there is a fair. It is pretty little, but they have all the classic fair-ish rides; ferris wheel, bumper cars, etc. We were able to walk along the beach as well because it was low tide, we ate fresh fish and chips from a chippy right on the North Sea. We also went to a sea life sanctuary which featured different animals found around the North Sea. It was a very successful day trip; it is wonderful all the towns not far from Leeds that are beautiful and easy to get to by train!


Halloween was epic an weekend out with the ladies. Three of my friends and myself decided to dress up as the band KISS. We went into this project knowing it was all or nothing for this costume, so we planned, looked at as many photos of them as possible to get a good idea of their outfits and face make up. I think we definitely pulled it off as best we could with our budget and lack of shops which carry clothing articles that look like KISS outfits. It was probably the best Halloween weekend I have ever had. We went bar hopping and everyone recognized us and would yell out KISS and have us pose so they could get photos with us. It was amazing and so much fun! We went out Friday and Saturday night to pubs/clubs all around Leeds and decided since most of us were wiped out by Sunday that we would take a break from the rockstar lifestyle and have a taco/movie night on Halloween. Honestly, I don’t know how KISS does it, but it’s a rough life, living like a rockstar.


Last Friday was Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day which is celebrated all around England. In 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament, and obviously failed so fireworks and huge bonfires happened on Friday which was really cool to experience. On Sunday I went to an ice hockey game and brough 2 girls who had never been which was really fun! British hockey is just not the same as back home, but it was a really fun night out and we are planning to go again next week for my birthday which should be a blast!

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